Whats up at Kristallen:


The cooperation with Polytechnic of Namibia and partners in Namibia continues for another 15 week training. We are proud to say that the first jewelleries already been produced and the aim of the comming training will be to learn the students how to make production for the future.

Also plans with our partners beeing made how to continue developing the industry of gems and semipresious stones in Namibia.


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Kristallen attends Västerås Mineral and Gems show 6 - 7 October! Take this chance to visit our monter and get informed about our educational programs wihin gems and jewellery as well as our other services!


More info about the show: http://www.vags.org/show.shtml

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We are proud and happy to present the opening of Kristallen stonecentre in Keetmanshoop Namibia 18th of June 2012. After almost 3 years of active work we have finally reached to the point that we really can start to contribute to development of knowledge and adding value to gems of Namibia.

We want to thank all our partners in Namibia and especially Honorable consular of Namibia in Finland Tate kulu Timo Palander for introductions and al help. Also we wish our partners Polytech of Namibia, MTI, ODC and small scale miners a close and beneficial program in the future. We are excited and proud to work with you!

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The next upstart of Luleå Technichal Universitys Gemstone technology program is in 2013. Application deadline 15 April 2013.


For more information about the education please contact Kristallen at info@kristallen.com or the University at Lars.Gunneriusson@ltu.se

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11-13 may Kristallen offers a short course where you can try out and learn to make silver jewellery!


Price 1950 skr.

For mor information about the course and to book accomodation please contact info@kristallen.com

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Competitions in gold and diamond panning open for everyone!

Take this chance to try goldpanning for yourself and to see the professionals pan gold and diamonds!


Restaurant and bar open!

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Kristallen AB and the cities of Lempälää and Kangasala in Finland together with Polytech of Namibia will in 2012 start an education for developing the gems and jewellery business in Namibia. The focus is on small scale mining of coloures stones and adding value by developing the lapidary and jewellerymaking trades within the country.

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The 17 - 18 march 2012 there is the annual goldpanningcompetition Lannavaara Winter Open!

Be sure to book accomodation in time!


For more information email: info@kristallen.com

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